ART Institute of Washington, Inc.

Nursing and Administrative Team

Laboratory Team

The IVF laboratory director, embryologists and supporting embryology consultants have an unsurpassed combined experience. The laboratory prides itself in being innovative while paying attention to detail and maintaining the highest standards of quality. The laboratory director Dr. James has a Ph.D. in Animal Science with an emphasis in Reproductive Physiology and is board certified as a high complexity laboratory director (HCLD). Two off-site laboratory directors, Drs. Jacques Cohen and Klaus Wiemer associated with the team are also HCLD certified. Having three HCLD certified staff members is unique in the country. The laboratory was among the first in the world to perform blastocyst vitrification using a new and safe method called S3. This method was developed by ART Institute of Washington scientists based in New Jersey and is now used in over 50 laboratories worldwide. Other tools and methods such as assisted hatching (used in hundreds of laboratories worldwide), specialized air filtration called CODA, optimal culture fluids called GLOBAL and the use of IVF-specific petri dishes such as the GPS dish were also developed by the same group of ART Institute of Washington scientists and consultants. The Walter Reed laboratory is equipped with the newest tools and has many safety features aimed at forewarning embryologists of environmental changes that may be disadvantageous to embryos. Staff meticulously check conditions inside the laboratory and also remotely. Embryos growing in culture and frozen embryos are monitored around the clock.

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