Kelly Ketterson

Ms. Ketterson has been working under the direction of Dr. Jacques Cohen since 1996. In her current role she serves as the Executive Director for Tyho-Galileo Research Laboratories. Since 2004 her major client is Reprogenetics and she performs the role of Director of Operations as a consultant. In her role she is responsible for overall management including but not limited to Client Services, Financial Services, Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Community Relations, Legal, Infrastructure Design and Execution. Ms. Ketterson completed the Masters Program in Biomedical Science at the Jones Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. Ms. Ketterson is also an experienced clinical embryologist and received her training at The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Presently Ms. Ketterson is specializing in embryo biopsy techniques but has extensive experience in performing routine IVF procedures, clinical research trials. Ms. Ketterson has served as the Executive Director for several educational conferences specializing in the continuing education of reproductive endocrinologists, IVF nurses, embryologists, andrologists and administrative staff. Prior to her career in reproductive woman’s health, Ms. Ketterson worked for six years as a health care consultant for Buck Consultants, Inc.

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