F. A. Q.’s

Where are you located?
Are you part of the military?
How much does IVF Cost? How do you determine the cost of IVF?
Do I get a refund if I do not complete a treatment cycle?
Do I have to pay each time I go through treatment?
Do you accept my military insurance (TRICARE) or other Health Care Coverage?
What method of payment do you accept?
Do you offer financing? Do you have a finance company that you can refer me to?
How do I get financially cleared for scheduling?
Who do I contact if I have financial questions?
What is the process to begin treatment for IVF at Walter Reed?
What qualifies for treatment? I am a reservist, retired or VA patient; Do I qualify for care?
Are there any exclusions to treatment?
Do I need to do all of my testing there?
How do I get an appointment for orientation? What happens that day?
Is there a waitlist?
How many cycles per year?
How do I get scheduled for a start date?
What is a baseline appointment?
Will I see the same doctor at each visit?
How long will I need to be there for the cycle? How many visits?
Is housing provided?
Will my command authorize leave and/or TDY for my treatment cycle?
Do I need to pay for my medications?
Why do I need to take birth control pills for the treatment cycle? When do I need to start?
What if I cannot take birth control pills?
My husband has male factor infertility, how will this be handled?
My husband has already had a semen analysis, why does he need to do the male evaluation here? Why does he need to have blood work done if I am the patient?
How much time should the male need for a male evaluation appointment at Walter Reed?
Is there another location (other than Walter Reed) where the male evaluation can be completed and satisfy the requirements for IVF entry?
Will I have to take injections, and will there be instructions on this?
Why do some patients need to take Lupron before their baseline?
What can I expect at retrieval surgery?
What happens at the embryo transfer? Why do I need a full bladder?
What happens after the transfer?
What can I expect in early pregnancy?
What happens if I am not pregnant?
I am having cramping and spotting, is this normal?
I'm interested in purchasing donor sperm for my procedure. Where can I find a list of sperm donors?
When purchasing donor sperm, what type of vials should I consider?
When do I need a Power of Attorney?
I am interested in shipping and/or discarding my sperm/embryos? What do I need to do?
My partner and I are undergoing an assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T.) procedure and have legal concerns. Who should we contact?
What is CMV and how does it affect me?
I would like to file a complaint about my donor sperm. Who do I contact?