Patient Experiences

Andrea N.

March, 2016

“We just added a beautiful baby girl to our family thanks to the efforts of the staff at Walter Reed. The staff is knowledgable and professional and we cannot say enough good things about our experience.”

Lisa L.

March, 2016

“I cannot thank the staff here enough for making our dreams come true, not once but twice! Nov 2012 we welcomed our son, JD, and July 22, 2014, we welcomed twins, Will and Emma. If it were not for the nurses and doctors, our dreams of having children would still be just that, dreams.”

CaMesha H.C.

February, 2016

“The team of doctors and nurses here are amazing. We completed one round of IVF/ICSI in 2009 and it was successful. They are patient understanding and have a wealth of knowledge. We have nothing but praises for this team!”

Minnie H.

June, 2015

“One word, AMAZING. Participants of the October 2014 cycle and I’m currently enjoying my precious baby girl that was born on the 9th. She’s amazing in every way! Our experience was great in every way. The nurses and the doctors were just impeccable! Dr. Csokmay is such a God’s send. Even when we were worried about our chance at a successful cycle, just talking to him made everything better. He’s so smart and comforting. We could tell that he absolutely loves his craft.”

Patrice O.

May, 2015

“Thank goodness for Walter Reed. The kind and caring staff (Dr. C, specifically) made all the difference. You all are truly a blessing. Thank you for helping us complete our family!”

Jenny G.

August, 2014

“Walter reed is amazing! The doctors and nurses go above and beyond to help all their patients (even almost three years later)! Love, love, love this program.”

Tracy M.

July, 2014

“I want to said thank you for my Baby boy who is 4 now we are very proud parents. Thanks again!”

Tahria W.

November, 2013

“I love this place, thanks to them I got the little girl I always wanted exactly the way I wanted her.”

Veronica T.

November, 2013

“No better place for our military members and their spouses to have a chance to receive such an amazing gift from God through the ART Institute at Walter Reed! We did and we now have 8 year old twins! That is one amazing team (staff, nurses and doctors)!”

Jessica S.

August, 2013

“April 4, 2013 we welcomed Rosalynd into this world… Thank you Walter Reed for helping us bring this miracle to life. Our prayers go out to anyone else struggling, we pray your dreams become a reality as well.”

Beth H.

March, 2013

“My husband and I are so eternally thankful for our twin boys born 3 years ago, April 1, 2010, thanks to the tremendous care we received by the ART staff. Now, we have another unexpected blessing as a result of overcoming our infertility challenges three years ago–a new baby due October 15, 2013. Thank you to every one there for making our dreams come true!”

Cristina H.

February, 2013

“A year ago today I had my egg retrieval done at WR and today I can say thank you to the team of doctors and nurses who helped me conceive my miracle. I have a beautiful 3 month old son now and he is the light of my husband and I’s life. Thank you so much WR for helping us achieve our dream of having a family!”

Renee L.

August, 2012

“I just wanted to say en extra “Thank You” to all of the staff at the ART clinic. Having such warm, caring and professional people really went a long way and helped my husband and I retain a healthy attitude. A positive attitude and a GREAT sense of humor go a long way! You guys are the BEST!”

Tiffany W.

February, 2011

“I wanted to say a sincere thank you to the staff of the ART Institute. This was the third time we were enrolled in the IVF program: the first a success, the second never got to the point of medication, and the third a success. I can’t tell you how much we respect the professionals in your program and the way you conduct the process – and with limited government resources, nonetheless. Thank you so much for bringing us so much joy/happiness through our children. We know from experience, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Amy B.

December, 2010

“I can never say enough good things about the WRAMC IVF program and the ART Institute. The doctors, nurses, and embryologists are some of the most competent and compassionate I’ve ever seen, and we’ve been around the Army for 15 years. Dr. Payson is a phenomenal doctor with excellent bedside manner; he remembers the details of your particular case so you never have to repeat yourself or wait while he flips through your file. We’ve been through a lot with WRAMC and we have our beautiful, healthy, almost 4 year old daughter to show for it. We’ll have a second child if Walter Reed has anything to do with it. I never hesitate to recommend the program to anyone who will listen. Don’t let the price fool you – you will get first class, personalized, and compassionate care, every single step of the way. They are straight shooters with no financial incentive to recommend any particular treatments. I have always felt that we were in very capable hands and that they have only our best interest at heart.”

Isabella C.

December, 2010

“We had our first son when I was 38 years old without any trouble, so we naturally thought that child number 2 would be just as easy. Not so. After 2 years of trying and repeated miscarriages, at age 40, I finally decided IVF was our only option. My eggs were too old and I just had to increase my odds. I visited 3 IVF clinics and realized the price was astronomical. Then I learned about the IVF program at the WRAMC. For a fraction of the price, I was able to go through two cycles. It’s amazing how—with a small staff—they’re able to deliver first rate services.”

“The WRAMC staff treats hundreds of patients, but nonetheless, they care about them. This is especially true about the nurses; they’re the ones who talk to you all the time and have to juggle a myriad of responsibilities. I’ll never forget how the head nurse assured me I would have another baby, and I did. She was right. My little angel is now 12 weeks. I’ll forever be grateful for their support during my terrible ordeal of infertility.”

Robin P.

November, 2010

“We cannot say enough good things about the Doctors, nurses, and staff of the WRAMC IVF clinic. They are so compassionate and caring! They understood our fears and concerns and treated us with respect throughout the entire process. The Doctor in charge of the clinic even came to see us in the hospital after our triplets were born! The IVF staff helped us realize our dream of having a family and no words can adequately express our gratitude.”

Jennifer F.

November, 2010

“As with most couples, the news of needing IVF with ICSI came as a surprise to us. But we experienced unparalleled care from the IVF team at WRAMC. Every detail was explained to us and we were never rushed through an appointment or made to feel like a number. Although the clinic admits to being “no frills”, this in no way compromised the quality or personalization of the treatment we received. The immaculate facility and competent, compassionate staff led us to be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl after our first round of IVF. The joys of parenthood exceeded anything we could have imagined and we look forward to working with WRAMC again in the future in hopes of adding to our wonderful family.”