Discarding Sperm

This option is best only after you have accomplished your reproductive goals.

If you are interested in discarding your sperm samples, contact our lab at 301-400-2149. Please leave your name, date of birth, an e-mail address and your interest in discarding your sperm samples. Shortly after, you will receive an “Identity Confirmation” email and should reply as requested.  Once your identity has been confirmed, you will receive an email with directions for completing the process of discarding your samples. The instructions will state that you need to sign and notarize the “Consent to Discard” form. The original document must be mailed back to us and receipt of the completed form will start a 30 day mandatory waiting period. At the end of the 30 days the sperm will be discarded.

  1. To request a “Consent to Discard Cryopreserved Semen” form, call our lab line at 301-400-2149 and leave a message with your name, date of birth, e-mail address or mailing address (if preferred method is mailing via USPS),  the type of sample you will be discarding (sperm/embryos).

  2. To confirm your identity and verify your e-mail address an initial e-mail will be sent to you, please email using REPLY ALL, with you and your partner’s full name, your date of birth and ONLY the last four of the sponsor’s social as well as the type of sample(s) that you wish to ship. If you wish to have the forms mailed to you, please disregard this step as other arrangements will be made.

  3. Once we have received an identity confirmation e-mail, you will receive a “CONSENT TO DISCARD CRYOPRESERVED SEMEN” form.  This form must be signed by the owner of the specimen, notarized and copied (keep copy for personal use) OR signed in front of and witnessed by an ART staff member. Please send the original form to us by traceable mail, do not fax or e-mail. A SAMPLE form has been provided. Please note that this form may not reflect the most recent updates and must therefore, be obtained from the Institute. The sample is a guide and cannot be used as an official document.