Information and documents needed to ship embryos to another facility

If shipping to another facility:

  1. Request a “Consent to Ship” form by calling our lab line at 301-400-2149 and leaving a message with your name, date of birth, e-mail address or mailing address (if preferred method is mailing via USPS), the type of sample you will be shipping (sperm/embryos) and the cryo or IVF facility to which you will be shipping the sample(s).
  1. Following a verbal request to ship, an e-mail will be sent to confirm your identity and verify your e-mail address. Please reply to the email using REPLY ALL, and include you and your partner’s full name, your date of birth, ONLY the last four of the sponsor’s social, and the type of sample(s) that you wish to ship. If you wish to have the forms mailed to you, please disregard this step as other arrangements will be made.
  1. Once we have received an identity confirmation e-mail, you will receive a “Consent to Ship” form. This form must be signed by both partners (if applicable), notarized and copied (keep copy for personal use) OR signed in front of and witnessed by an ART staff member. Please send the original form to A.R.T. by traceable mail, do not fax or e-mail.
  1. Next, you will need to complete the Medical Records Release Form (sent via mail/e-mail) and return it to A.R.T. by traceable mail, e-mail or fax. For embryos, both partners’ information must be completed (if applicable). Without this consent, we are unable to discuss the details of the specimen with the shipping company or receiving facility.
  1. Send us the Letter of Acceptance from the future facility (on Letterhead, acceptable by mail, email of fax).
  1. Finish all financial business with the Institute. Point of Contact (POC) is Leslie Strothers at 301-400-2143 or
  1. Make sure you complete paperwork required by the accepting facility
  • Embryo/Sperm Information: POC is Aidita James at 301-400-2149 or
  • Fertility Cycle/Stimulation Information: POC is Darshana Naik at 301-400-2151 or
  • Required Medical Blood and Urine Testing: POC is Outpatient Medical Records at 301-295-5150. They will require their own separate copy of a Medical Records Release Form (please do not use the sample that has been provided above for this purpose).
  1. Arrange Shipment of Specimens from the Institute. Please keep potential weather and/or holiday schedule delays in consideration when making arrangements. Please ship as early as possible to prevent potential delays in your treatment.
  • Method(s):
    • Accepting Facility Tank Loan (shipped or hand carried)
    • Third Party Shipping Company (shipped or hand carried)
  • Acceptable Tank Arrival Time at ART WRNMMC:
    • Monday through Friday between 8am to noon