Instructions on choosing donor sperm for IUI/IVF and shipping to our facility

What do I need to consider when choosing donor sperm for IUI or IVF?

  1. The patient (person being inseminated) and sperm donor’s CMV status. For more information about CMV, please see “What is CMV and how does it affect me?” on our F.A.Q.’s page.
  1. Select your donor according to personal preferences. Some donor banks are able to match your partners/partner’s features with those of a donor.
  1. We recommend purchasing 1 IUI (washed) or 2 ICI (unwashed) prepped vials for IUI and IVF procedures. We also recommend sending 1 additional vial per treatment cycle in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  1. When purchasing samples, it is important to keep your future reproductive goals in mind. Buying more than 2 vials may be beneficial if you are interested in having genetically matched siblings in the future. However, these additional samples may not be stored at our facility.

What do I need to consider when shipping donor sperm for IUI or IVF?

  1. For IUI, the samples should be shipped to our facility at least a week prior to your expected surge. For IVF, the samples should be shipped to our facility around the time of your baseline appointment.
  1. You will need to obtain a notarized Power of Attorney if your partner will not be present for the procedure.
  1. If you are using a local cryo facility, you may pick up your samples and walk it into the ARC the morning of your procedure or on any date before. If the sample is being shipped, please select overnight priority shipping to ensure that the sample gets to our facility during business hours.
  1. We accept deliveries Monday-Friday between 7 a.m. and noon. If you are planning to walk-in or ship a sample, please call our lab line at 301-400-2149 and leave your name and the expected arrival date of the sample.