Instructions on shipping Sexually Intimate Partner (SIP) sperm for IUI/IVF to our facility

What I need to consider when shipping sexually intimate partner (SIP) sperm for IUI or IVF?

  1. Please contact an ART staff member to discuss the number of vials that need to be sent to our facility. This number is dependent on sample quality and sperm numbers .We currently recommend using vials with 10 million motile sperm post-thaw or more per IUI/IVF attempt.
  2. Before cryopreserving the male partner’s sample, discuss with the cryo facility the possibility of having the samples pre-washed, and the final sample concentrated to approximately 10 million motile sperm post-thaw.
  3. You will need to obtain a notarized Power of Attorney if your partner will not be present for the procedure.
  4. For IUI, the samples should be shipped to our facility at least a week prior to your expected surge.  For IVF, the samples should be shipped to our facility around the time of your baseline appointment.
  5. If you are using a local cryo facility, you may pick up your sample(s) and walk it into the ARC the morning of your procedure or at any date prior to your procedure. If the sample is being shipped, please select overnight priority shipping to ensure that the sample gets to our facility during business hours.
  6. We accept deliveries Monday-Friday between 7 a.m. and noon. If you are planning to walk-in or ship a sample, please call our lab line at 301-400-2149 and leave your name and expected arrival date of the sample.