Saline Sonohysterography

A Saline Sonohysterogram is a diagnostic study performed to evaluate the uterus and the uterine cavity. Patients who will be undergoing infertility treatment with In Vitro Fertilization are asked to complete this diagnostic test. This is to determine that the uterine cavity is free of anything that would inhibit implantation of an embryo. If a polyp or fibroid tumor is seen, you will be referred for treatment and/or removal.

The test is performed by injecting a small amount of saline into the uterus through a small flexible catheter. Ultrasound pictures will be taken simultaneously of the uterus. The test often causes pelvic cramps, which may be lessened by taking an analgesic such as ibuprofen (Motrin) with a light meal an hour before the procedure.

When your period begins, you may call to schedule the test. The Saline Sonohysterogram must be completed before day 15 of the menstrual cycle to ensure obtaining an accurate view of the contour of the uterine cavity.

To schedule this test please call Ms. Petrina Thompson, our Administrative Assistant, at 301-400-2144.

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