Pregnancy complications, such as premature birth and low birth weight, tend to occur more frequently following ART. These complications are primarily because of the much higher rate of twin and higher order multiple pregnancies following ART. Nationwide, about one third of ART deliveries are twin deliveries in younger patients. At ART DC, we have been able to significantly reduce the risk of multiple pregnancy by reducing the number of embryos we transfer. The risk of a twin delivery at our clinic is currently less than 20% and this risk is further reduced to less than 3% for delivery of higher order multiples.

Treatment at our IVF clinic is based on a few important principles. We believe that ovarian stimulation using exogenous hormones can only be successful if it is individualized for each patient with the aim of obtaining a moderate number of eggs. We routinely and meticulously study our protocols, scrutinize our data and evaluate treatment outcomes. Based on these evaluations, we modify and fine-tune our treatment protocols in favor of safety while maintaining optimal success as measured by implantation rate.

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